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  • Cum On My FaceI'm a cum slut. I'll admit it - there's nothing I like more than filling my mouth with fresh cum and licking his cock clean. I remember this one guy with perfect lips and a pale body to die for - we sucked and fucked in a deck chair and then he came all over my mouth and I sucked every last drop from his cock. Perfection.CategoriesCum Facial, Videos, Brown-Haired, Anal Play, Oral, Rimming, Bareback, Duo, Toned, Brown Eyes
  • Water BoysI wanted to worship his body - kneeling infront of his perfectly tanned body shoving his erect cock in my mouth and swallowing it hole. The feeling of his dick in my mouth made my hole tingle and I couldn't wait for him to fuck me. He shoved his raw cock in my ass and I reeled in pleasure, the intensity building. We fucked in various positions until he let me cum all over his perfect chest. We jumped in the pool to clean off ... heaven.CategoriesVideos, Brown-Haired, Anal Play, Oral, Bareback, Toned, Brown Eyes
  • Twink Lifeguard on DutyIt's not quite the beach scene I had envisaged but the hot tanned twink in his jocks is definitely someone who can save me from drowning. I just want to get my lips wrapped around his cock - sucking that thing while I rub my hands on his chest. Then turn him over and fuck him raw til he cums all over that sexy six pack of his!CategoriesVideos, Brown-Haired, Anal Play, Oral, Bareback, Toned, Blue Eyes
  • Twink Fuck FestTalk about the most perfect twinks I've ever seen. This duo of raw sex-loving beauties have ripped and smooth bodies, not to mention a sex drive that can only be appeased by deep, bareback sex. I just want to get in the middle of them.CategoriesBrown-Haired, Anal Play, Oral
  • More and MoreThis pair of smooth, ripped and young twinks cuddle on the couch before giving each other some oral attention. Then it's on to some deep rimming and very naughty condomless ass-banging. CategoriesBlonde, Anal Play, Oral, Rimming, Bareback
  • Rough Riding TwinksThese horny twinks just can't wait to get into each other in this one-on-one encounter. Sucking, rimming and slamming each other deep on the couch is on the agenda and we've captured it all on camera.CategoriesBlonde, Anal Play, Oral, Rimming, Bareback
  • Anal AssaultThis jock twink duo get into some of the hottest rimming action we've ever seen - just makes you want to join in. Then, when they fuck on the couch, they look like they're having the time of their lives.CategoriesBrown-Haired, Anal Play, Oral, Rimming, Toned
  • Ball GamesAfter playing a quick game of pool, these two twinks are ready to sink a few balls of their own. Kissing and sucking each other until these two cant hold out anymore, they bend each other over, expose an open hole and take a few crack shots bareback. CategoriesBrown-Haired, Anal Play, Oral, Bareback
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    Cream'n'Cum Whores - Sc 8
    True cum whores love nothing to get a mouth full of cum and share it with other cum whores. Sharing is caring after all ... these boys are definitely cum lovers extraordinaire. Released 25th March
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    Fuck 'Em
    Manuel Torres is a native New Yorker and is shot here with his super-stud fuck-buddy Mario Cruz playing on a roof-top in Manhattan then fucking on the stairs leading up to it. Featuring Manuel Torres and Mario Cruz
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    Ricky, Steve, Logan, Alexy, Tober, Logan & Dak
    This all-star gangbang is really going to get you going. We see Ricky fucking Tober, Steve getting his hole explored by Logan, and Dak opening up Alexy. Cocks and eager holes are all around. Steve's furry hole gets put to good use by the group, before everyone offloads their juice on him - making him a big furry mess. Released 22nd March
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    Twinks with Kinks - Sc 7
    Tyler Sweet is tied to the corners of a bed by his wrists and ankles. He's naked, and hard. His muscles contract and relax as he tests the strength of his bonds. Doug Acre stands beside the bed, his pants riding low enough to show the top two inches of his crack. The shadows produced by the dungeon-like lighting make Doug's sculpted abs stand out. He bends over to tickle Tyler: armpits, rib cage, balls, the soles of his feet. Tyler squirms and writhes helplessly, but his restraints prevent him from repelling his tormenter. Doug climbs on the bed and straddles his victim as he increases the intensity of the tickle torture. Tyler screams and his body reddens as he pleads with Doug to stop. Doug ceases to tickle Tyler, untying the ropes in order to fuck him. Tyler's moans never stop as Doug poles him on his belly and on his back. Tyler blasts out a load that leaves streaks from navel to chin, then Doug ties him up again. Released 15th March
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    Bears and Cubs - Sc 1
    Big top Daddy Beare comes across furry Daddy Cub Eric caged in the depths of a leather and steel dungeon. There's no negotiation; these men both know what they want, and get right to it.
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    Jason Novak
    I was very fortunate to have Jason Novak as my assistant while I stayed in Prague. Fortunately, he was also my hottest performer. Jason is the perfect European specimen. Tall, blonde, built, and hung. Not only is he exceptionally handsome and charming, but also very intelligent. And intelligence to me is a big turn on. And boy, did Jason turn me on!
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    Tokyo Sex Date 2
    After my first filming with Ken and Hiromi, they just couldn't get enough of each other. They ended up dating! I am always happy to play matchmaker, especially when it cums with the benefit of getting to film hot gay Japanese boys having sex and filming them in porn videos!
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    Dimitri Dumps A Load
    Straight boy Dimitri confesses he's been known to have a few three ways with guys! "Older guys, who have been together a long time need a spark," he explains, "and I'm the spark! You can call me Sparky!" He sits by the window and unbuttons his blue dress shirt, revealing a tight compact body and a large scorpio tattoo. His chest has just the right amount of fuzz and his abs just the right amount of definition! The tight white briefs come off freeing his thick uncut Eastern European cock! His nipples are sensitive and he loves having them played with. He strokes himself and pinches his nipples while we watch. Before spraying his load all over his hands and chest he announces, "ahh, I'm gonna cum!"
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    Foot Love: Joey And Marky (Part 2)
    There is so much sucking of feet, cocks, and tongues at this point, Marky and Joey are obviously enjoying each other. Marky is so hungry he's stuffing Joey's cock and toe in his mouth at the same time.
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    Bucks County 2 - Road To Temptation Sc 3
    Behind the barn, Ryan Rose and Vance Crawford have found themselves a quiet, secluded spot to make some noise. Vance is naked and on his knees. His pale buns flare sexily out from a narrow waist as he sucks Ryan intently. Ryan grabs the fence rail for balance and grabs Vance by the hair with his free hand. Ryan's balls get their share of being sucked and squeezed, which brings a grin to Ryan's face. When Vance's jaw muscles demand a rest, he sits on the top rail of the fence for Ryan to blow him. Vance has to grab onto two fence posts to keep from being thrown off balance by his huge low-hanging balls swinging back and forth. His entire body begins to quiver as his cock jettisons cum all over Ryan's hard chest. Ryan licks up the droplets of Vance's jism and shoots his own load into the dirt. Released 27th March
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    Damian and Marco
    Damien as a killer ass that's always hungry for cock. Marco is a burly Latin stud with broad shoulders, a furry chest, and a big, fat, juicy uncut dick. Both of these dudes are in their 30’s and they both love to show off their stuff. The action is dick-dripping hot: you should check it out!
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    Ransom - Sc 1
    Roger grabs Hunt's head between his hands, pulling his lips to his for a passionate kiss. Hunt's resistance is zero on a scale of one to ten. He goes down on Roger's big man tool, already at attention, for a thorough spit washing, swallowing it far into his throat.
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    Conner Habib and Aleco Sahara
    Aleco is pumped because he's always had a little bit of a crush on Conner. The chemistry is undeniable as the two guys kiss, suck and fuck. Conner pulls out of Aleco's ass to pop a load all over his furry chest, abs and cock. Aleco gives Conner a tasty facial for all of his hard work. Aleco bends over and kisses Conner getting a taste of his own cum.
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